The IACDA´s CDA designation is an international certification which permits ready identification by the online community of qualified Certfied Domain-Appraiser Professionals.

The IACDA requires a Certified Domain-Appraiser to hold at minimum: an MAI, SRPA, or SREA designation (or possess the foreign equivalent), or provide acceptable proof of an appraisal career begun prior to 1999 in which the applicant has appraised extensively for a licensed MAI or similar, or, Be a CPA who is Certified in Business Valuation by AICPA, and; to be a Licensed Real Estate Broker or Salesman with Continuing Education Requirements current, or appraise in conjunction with an IACDA member who is, and; Have been actively online prior to December of 1999 or a minimum of two years prior to date of application for accreditation.

Additionally, the Certified Domain-Appraiser must have extensive knowledge of the factors that are industry-standard for Cyberstate valuation.

About Domain Appraisal Fees:

Each Certified Domain-Appraiser represents an independent office. Their appraisal fees are quoted based on complexity of the valuation project, regardless of whether your property is cyberestate, intellectual property, intangibles, or a combination thereof.

A Domain-Appraiser may be chosen from any location in the world. You may wish to choose the appraiser geographically closest to you, or that fluently speaks your native language as to avoid any confusion on specific terms used in the appraisal.