The Professional International Association of Certified Domain-Appraisers.

The IACDA´s CDA designation is an international certification which permits ready identification by the online community of qualified Certified Domain-Appraiser Professionals. The designation was created for the express purpose of protecting the interests of individuals wishing to purchase or sell Cyberestate.

Cyberestate is defined as:

Domains, individual or assembled, having either revenue producing, fully developed, partially developed, or undeveloped online content, (i.e. - the virtual equivalent of real estate, with or without improvements, similarly affected by the character of neighboring properties, and with or without an income-stream from business transacted at or from that facility, but transcending traditional real estate, which also have title, virtual improvements, and operations which could be transferred to ownership elsewhere in the world nearly instantaneously).

To qualify for a CDA designation, a Certified Domain-Appraiser must meet EACH of the following three requirements;

Be Either

MAI*, SRPA, SREA designated, or provide acceptable proof of an appraisal career begun prior to 1999, in which the applicant has appraised extensively for a licensed MAI or similar, or;

Be A

Licensed Real Estate Broker or Salesman with Continuing Education Requirements current, and;

Have Been

Actively online prior to December of 1999 or a minimum of two years prior to date of application for accreditation.


An active attorney in good standing with his/ her respective state Bar Association, who is otherwise qualified under the real estate license law, and provides proof in the form of applicant's current Bar card, shall be exempt from requirement for licensure as a Real Estate Broker.


A MAI, or a CPA specializing in Business Valuations as referenced above, who is not currently a Licensed Real Estate Broker or Salesman, but who is otherwise qualified under IACDA guidelines, shall be permitted to perform Domain-Appraisals, providing only that the appraisal is co-signed by a consulting IACDA member who is a duly Licensed Real Estate Broker or Salesman, and who is in concurrence with final value conclusion.